Sunday, October 5, 2008

Its time for another girly post....

In all honesty, I hate the girly side of me. You know the side that thinks about guys (usually in my case its one particular one..i think I've long outgrown the constant crushing stage of life), the side who over analyzes things and the side that cares too much about what the other person thinks or feels even though you swear to yourself up and down that you don't care.....I HATE IT!!

A couple months ago, I wrote about Mr. Possibility and how somehow or the other he managed to squeeze himself back into my life and how I was confused as to what to do or how to deal with it (um...just read the post). I'm not usually one to speak about my feelings, which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first discuss how I feel inside, get advice, hear your input all the while not being judged (besides, even if you judge don't know for sure who I am).

Two months ago, following my best friend's wedding, Mr. Possibility wiggled his way back into my life. It first started off with a couple of glances from all the way across the room to online messages about how sorry he was for ever doing anything to hurt me and how he wanted a second chance. Like any girl, the attention made me feel good in a weird way. For the longest, despite the closeness of our families (his father and my uncle are best friends) I have managed to steer clear of him, deliberately not going to his house when I know he's there or outright ignoring him when he's around. I find it, however, interesting that after we had agreed to be "friends" and call it a truce how I see him everywhere. The funniest thing is that he doesn't even live in the same state as me!!! And if I don't see him, I hear about him.

The other day my aunt was like "hey Hijaabified Beauty, what do you think about Mr. Possibility??" I think you and him would make a wonderful couple....I nearly choked on my tea. My mom even thinks he's a great prospect...I mean who wouldn't...he's good looking, funny, he loves his family and alhamdulilah they are well to do, my only problem is his religiousity. I wish he was the type of brother that would drop everything he was doing to go pray salatul asr, even if he's out shopping at the mall, but he isn't, at least not from what I see. The other day I ran into him at this place that I always study at (he was in town for Eid), he said salams and sat at my table and attempted to study with me, and when I asked him just what he thought he was doing he made it seem like there was no big deal in he and I studying together - afterall we were in a public place. When I explained that it was a big deal for me, he kind of gave me this weird look and sat somewhere else. I was releived, but I won't lie - I felt bad...I think I hurt his feelings.

After all these years and all the changes that we went through, I still care what he thinks, I still worry that I hurt his feelings, I still wonder what he's upto. I don't think its that I still see him as Mr. Possiblity, or at least I hope I don't. I keep telling myself that...."Hb, its not going to work out, move on, he's not your type." Then why did I reject a proposal that came my way recently? Why is it when I got that proposal I thought what would Mr. Possiblity think? I still hurt when he hurts, I still think how he's doing living so far away from home, I still get that rollercoaster dipping feeling in my stomach when he smiles at me after all these years, and I still get that warm feeling in body when his parents are so nice to me. When I'm around his family I get this fuzzy feeling, BUT I can not see myself raising good Muslim children with him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!?

I don't really think I'm looking for a real answer...I just needed to tell someone....thanks for listening.

PS: I could use a TON of dua's right now.


Mad Muslima said...

hey HB... first of all it's not wrong to feel nor is it wrong to analyze or even over analyze. that just may be your personality style because you prefer things run smoother and easier at times

(im the same and i love it!)
as for Mr. really is up to ur heart. of course naseeb and fate is in the hands of Allah, but if there is something inside of u that worries u abt ur future with him then u have the strength to slowly let it go. but if u feel like there's a chance and its worth it and he is worth a second chance (and the future will be a worthy sacrifice) why not let mr possibility back in ur life.

one last thing (i promise) dont worry abt hurting his feelings when u do the right thing islamically. on the day of judgment u will look back with pride at urself for pushing away haram at the right time.

im not sure if its a hadeeth or a saying that when a muslim/muslima returns closer to allah's path, the throne of allah shakes at the power of this act... so be proud HB! be proud... allah will always be right beside you and inshallah all of us as well :)

eid mubarak

bb_aisha said...

It's not girly to feel that way-I know guys who do too.

I was discussing a similiar situation with a friend last night-he's loved a girl for 3 years but it was unrequited. During that time we all gave him advice, told him to move on, but he couldn't. When I met someone earlier this year whom for the first time met most of what I was looking for, i also solicited advice from friends, but ultimately,only my own reasoning & faith led me to forget about him.

So you're right-you know your decision in your heart & mind.

But I agree with MM, it might be worth it to give him a chance, but to be very honest about how u feel Islamically.

& MashaAllah, that's truly admirable to tell him to move from the study desk-I pray I can have that strength. If that were J when I liked him, I admit I would have liked having him there, although I would have felt guilty too. But I would have allowed him to stay. This has inspired me to strengthen my resolve (if I'm in a situation like this-J is out of the country) Jazakallahu khair said...

Jazak'Allah khair for your comments. I must admit however, that the fact that he tried to study with me and fact that he wants to be around me in a sense makes me feel good. For once I feel as if I am not the one doing the chasing in our "relationship" and am finally being the one being chased after. I have since that incidence explained my Islamic stand point on things to him and I think although he doesn't understand he is "trying" to abide by them. Nonetheless I don't know what I am going to do. I don't want to seem as if I am leading him on and therefore I have made a decision to keep a distance from him. The fact that he is a family friend AND back in town for quarter holidays will make it a little difficult but it must be done.

I don't problem isn't so much with who is, but rather that I have seen the type of person that I want to be with - the religious guy who maintains his "coolness" - and although it wasn't naseeb, I am sure there is someone else like that out there..and so far Mr. Possibility doesn't seem like him. How ideal it would be if it was.

So for now, distance seems like the answer...not being rude...just being clear, upfront and blunt. Please remember me in your dua's.